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Daphne Johnson: Take it off the Back Burner

Episode Summary

Have you ever felt that you weren’t in the right place or doing the right thing? Do you have a project you’ve placed on the back burner that just won’t seem to leave you alone? This week’s Publishing Secrets guest, Daphne Johnson, has been there. But God kept nudging, and finally Daphne said “yes” to the call to write her next book. Let Daphne’s story encourage you to go after your purpose – because someone out there may just be waiting for you to do exactly that.

Episode Notes

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With a passion for life application of scripture, Daphne endeavors to share messages of hope, encouragement, and inspiration. Daphne enjoys teaching, speaking, and writing. She serves as an Associate Minister at Christ the King Baptist Church in Milwaukee, WI. She is the author of a newly released book “She Said YES! It’s Time to Answer the Call to Purpose” and “Vision Inspired Living – Daily Inspirations for Single Mothers.” She is also a contributing author to the anthology “Get Up Girl: Talitha Cumi – Twelve Dynamic Stories of Hope and Healing.” Daphne holds a B.S in Communication from the University of WI-Milwaukee, and a M.S in Organizational Leadership Administration from Concordia University of WI.








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